Welcome to West Coast Pistol & Revolver Club – WA’s Premier Practical Shooting Club!

Many people don’t realise how much fun practical shooting is. Our club is dedicated to providing a safe, fun and a family friendly environment where shooters come together to shoot the following disciplines at our club:

  • Practical Pistol
  • Practical Shotgun
  • Practical Rifle
  • Steel Challenge
  • IHMS (Handgun Metallic Silhouette)

WCP&RC has five fantastic ranges.

Range 1 is a large covered range use for all our practical shooting disciplines

Range 2 is a medium sized, undercover range which consists of 3 smaller ranges 2a, 2b and 2c. These ranges have been specifically designed for practical pistol shooting.

Range 3 is a large range where all of our approved shooting disciplines are conducted. Currently range 3 is an open air range, however we are currently working on gaining approval to have this range covered as well, if all goes well, we hope that have our largest range will be covered as well during 2017.

We are located on Perry Road in Wanneroo, and are a part of the Wanneroo Shooting Complex. Check out our Map page to see where we are, or head over to our Contact Us page to send us a message.

Interested in joining? Why don’t you head over to our New Members page and send an email to our Membership Officer.


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